Our Policies

Quick,Friendly and Reliable-we will

  • Aim to serve you within fifteen minutes in our offices
  • Aim to answer your call to our office within the first 3 rings
  • Provide you with friendly and reliable service by staff who are qualified to serve you.
  • Respond to you within 48 hours if you have contacted us by telephone, and within five days if you have contacted us by letter

Swift Resolution of complaints-we will

  • Aim to resolve your complaint within 48 hours and within a maximum of five business days
  • Let you know who is responsible for resolving your complaint if we expect this to take longer than 48 hours
  • Offer to have your complaint reviewed by our Board of Directors, if we can�t resolve it to your satisfaction.

Simple and clear communication-We will

  • Write our letters, brochures, and website messages and other notices in plain language

Privacy-we will

  • Keep your personal information private and secure and not offer it to third parties without the owner’s consent

Responsible lending-we will

  • Not offer you a loan top up if you have a recent poor credit performance or are struggling to meet repayments on your existing loan.
  • Provide you with information about easy and efficient ways to reduce your loans and advances
  • Explain in clear and simple terms how interest on your loan or is calculated and charged, what fees may apply and when, and the consequences of defaulting.